The Filer functionality gives the ability to limit the data displayed on the screen to user defined filter criteria.

The below example is using the Monthly Actual Trx Review report.  The red box highlights which fields can be filtered.

By clicking into the filter data entry box (where the yellow highlight is), the filter tools will become available (as outlined within the box) .

By clicking on the indicated box (red arrow) this will clear any prior filer criteria for this filter field.

By clicking on the "=" the following dropdown menu appear. To select a filer criteria click on it.

In the below example we filtered on data that "Does not equal" 01/31/2015.

You can see above the filter result does not include data with the data.

By clicking on the below highlighted Down Arrow a calendar dropdown opens from which a date selection can be searched for and made.

It is important to note that the filer criteria that are made available through dropdown menus depends on the filer field that is it related to.  For example, the selection of the Down Arrow in the Vend/Cust Name filter box results in the below.

As per the below clicking on the indicated box in the "Vend/Cust Name" results in a different pull down menu when compared to clicking on the "=" in the TRXDATE field.

Finally, the arrowed box to the far left when clicked clears all filer criteria.