In addition to the Copy and Paste feature, many screens have an Export to Excel button as per below.

When the button is pressed the following screen will appear:

1) Select the Directory you would like to save the file to;

2) Name the File; and

3) Save.

Once saved the below export monitor should appear on your screen per below:

When the export is complete, the Excel icon per below will highlight:

Click on the Excel icon and your file should open in Excel per the below.  You can also navigate to the location where you saved the file and open from there.

Please note that when your Export data is using a Row Format, the data will exported into Excel in the same format.  To drill into the data use the "+" sign and levels that are shown in the red box.

If you wish to export data with no formatting, set the Row Format per below.

The above "Save as type" sort order is set on App Config/Menu Editor on the Application Configuration tab in General: