This functionality works in a similar way to the related Excel functionality.  Data can be copied and pasted into Dynamic Budgets screens and also into Excel, Word and other programs.

A) Coping and Pasting Data from a Single Cell to One or Multiple Cells

Click into the cell you would like to copy.  In the below example, we wish to copy the $50 budgeted in Jan in AccountNum 000-4111-02 to Feb-Jun within Dynamic Budgets.

i) Right click your mouse in which case the below menu will appear:

Click on the 'Copy" function, then move your curser over the cells you would to paste the data to and then right click again and click on the paste function. As you can see below the $50 in January was copied and pasted to Feb - Jun.

ii) As outlined in the above right click menu, the program supports Excel shortcuts, such as Ctrl+C for copying.  These can be used instead of mouse right clicks.

B) Copy and Pasting All the Data from a Screen

The program supports copying a full screen of data.  In the below example we are copying the Basic Budget Entry/Account Details screen to Excel.

1) Click into the indicated cell.  This will highlight the screen.  Then right click and click on the copy option.  Then open Excel and paste into the spreadsheet as below.  Please note that some right click screen options include copying the data with headers. 

C) Copying and Pasting from Excel into Dynamic Budgets

Data can be copied from Excel into Dynamic Budgets by utilizing the standard processes that have been discussed above, namely using the Excel shortcut keys and related right click menus.