An uncommon error which usually indicates that a dependent piece of information is missing.

Possible Causes:

1) If occurs while trying to login to the application, this would indicate an unrecognized windows network UserID.  This generally means that the User has not been setup in Dynamic Budgets.

In Dec 2015, the application was improved to open a specific message letting the user know the username is unrecognized or has not yet been setup instead of this generic error.

2) If on Account Details drill down screen (payroll projections tab)

This is an infrequent error which sometimes occurs with orphaned payroll records, where there may be a payroll transaction for an employee which may have been changed to inactive or may have been deleted. Mid 2015 the employee roster screen was changed to minimize the possibility of orphaning transactions. 

Check with following query:

select * from vw_PayrolProjections where CompanyDB=___ and BudgetID=_____  and Employeeid not in (Select Employeeid from Employees where CompanyDB=___ and BudgetID=_____)