Row Formats enable administrators to provide subtotaling rows to enhance the presentation of both data entry and reporting screens in Dynamic Budgets. 

A single report can be generated and on-the-fly- can be toggled between different Row Formats to present different subtotaling.  For example, raw account data versus company totals versus OrgUnit totals.

After running a search, the format and expansion levels of a screen can be changed on the fly without having to re-run the report, in other words you can run the data to screen once and then on-the-fly, swap out formats to generate different styles of reports from the in memory data.

By using the below Row Format pull down a Define Row Formats that have been setup can be selected. 

If a Row Format has been setup as the default in Define Row Formats whenever a Search is completed, the Search will return the results with default Row Format as been pre-selected if the following setting in App Config/Menu Editor in Configuration Settings/General is set to 1.

This standard functionality is used in conjunction with Show Rollup Sub-totals and Display Level and/or Expand/Collapse Row View both of which control the expansion level of the subtotaling rows.

Below is an example of when no Row Format (Grid Format)  is designated:

Compare the above to the below where a Row Format (Grid Format)  and Show Rollup Sub-totals is selected: