The Advance search feature provides a more detailed search criteria option.  Click on the Advance icon per below:

The following will appear:

1) Enter the required search fields.

Seg1 to Seg10 refers to the General Ledger Account Number segments as setup and defined in Great Plains Accounting (ERP") software.  Up to 10 segments can be defined and setup in the ERP. 

The General Ledger Account Numbers are displayed on the Manage ERP Accounts.  In the below example, the Account Numbers has three segments XXX-XXXX-XX eg,600-5100-00.

Therefore, "Seg1"  refers to the first segment in the Account Number ("XXX), "Seg2" refers to the second segment in the Account Numbers ("XXXX") and

"Seg3" refers to the third segment in the Account Number ("XX").

2) Search.

3) To clear the search fields, click on this button.

Please note that the use of the Advanced Search by segments will cause the OrgUnit and Object selections to be ignored.

Please note that the display of the Advanced Search function is set in App Config/Menu Editor on the Application Configuration tab: