This screen functionality is the same as Forecast Builder - Design Forecast Templates/Update tab except on this screen multiple CompanyDB can be synchronized at the same time provided the "Selected BudgetIDs" use the same Forecast Template.

When a BudgetID is setup as an "IsForecast" on Manage Budgets and you wish to add additional months of locked Actuals data the first step to change the YTD month drop down on Manage Budgets - see number 15. However, this action does not update the line item data as below; originally Jan- Mar were locked and we then locked Apr - Jul by changing the YTD month drop down to Jul but the Accounts Details tab data for Apr remained $250 and data for May $750 as was originally budgeted. It can be seen on both the "Actuals/Forecast Total" row and the 2014 Actual information the Budget Summary Apr should be $0, June should be $48 and July $0.

To update the Actuals data the "Synchronize" routine on this screen needs to be run.

1. From the drop down select an appropriate Forecast Template. In our example, we need to update Jan - July with FY14 Actual ("2014 Actual") data and August - December will retain the original budget data ("Exporter"). The Actual and Budget BudgetIDs used in the Template are the same as those used to setup the "Isforecast" BudgetID on Manage Budgets. Below is an example of how the Template would be setup to update the data as required in our example.

2. When the Template is selected the "Available CompanyDB" will populate.  Using Right and Left Pointing Arrows to Select/Deselect select the required CompanyDBs.

3. When 2. is completed the "Available BudgetIDs" for the selected CompanyDBs will populate.  Using Right and Left Pointing Arrows to Select/Deselect select the BudgetIDs that wish to update. 

4. Click the "Synchronize" button and the Confirm screen will appear.

5. Click "Yes" to continue.

Below is "log" that shows a completed process: