Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, AutoSize Columns, Display Level, Expand/Reduce Column Width, and Expand/Collapse Row View functionality is available.

The following Right-Click and Short-Cut Keys are available:

Transaction Types that are enabled for Auditing are setup on App Config/Menu Editor.  Please see Application Configuration tab item 3. for more information.

1. Select the From and To date range you wish to audit;

2. Select the required Transaction Type from the drop down Menu;

Assumptions data flows from the Assumptions Sub-Tab

Employees data flows from the Employee Roster

PayCalendar data flows from the Hourly Staffing or Eligibility Calendar

PayPeriods data flows from the PR Assignments Calendar

PayrollExp data flows from the Payroll Assignments

PayrollExpDefs data flows from the Payroll Expense Definitions

3. Click "Search Audit Trail" and the requested data will display.  In the below example "Assumptions" were searched on.  Please note that both the date and the person who updated the record are listed. Expand/Collapse Row functionality is highlighted.

4. To delete an Audit Trial, search for the Audit Trial  as above that you wish to delete and once it is displayed, click the "Delete Audit Trial" button and following message will appear. Click "Yes" to continue.