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When a new General Ledger ("GL") Account Number is created in the Great Plains Accounting ("ERP") software, you will need to run the Synchronize Chart of Accounts routine to add the new account to Dynamic Budget. 

All synchronized GL Account Numbers are listed  in Manage ERP Accounts together with their core attributes. 

1. Account Numbers can be Searched for as per the below.  Please note that the Advanced Search is available.

2. The account attributes, which are highlighted in yellow are read only information.

If an attribute such as the Typical Balance (debit balance = 0, and credit balance = 1), Account Category, or User Defined Fields1-4 are incorrect relative to the current settings in Dynamics GP, then one can use the Update Account Attributes button in the Synchronize Chart of Accounts window to refresh the settings to those specified in the ERP.  For an example of updating an attribute please see How Do I Update An Account that Reports as Negative But Has a Debit Balance in GP or Visa Versa.

3. Please see Can I change the ERP Account Description?

4. Tags are user defined fields that can be used as a report writing when Defining Row Formats. There are ten Tags.  The titles of the Tags can be customized.  Please see How Do I Customize "tag" titles?

When "Tag1" is populated the labels will appear in the ERPAccountMeta1 column when Creating Budget Accounts.  Please see What Do I Do to Not Create a Budget Account Number For a Previously Synchronized ERP GL Account?

As ERP Accounts are the full account number Tags can be used to group like accounts together for reporting purposes. For example, the full account number segments are: OrgUnit (???) + Natural Class (????) + Location (??). The Dynamics Budget structure combines the Natural Class and Location together to form the Object code (????-??).  Therefore the Object cannot be used to report on location.

Below by filtering on "Ends With" location codes could be grouped together.  In the below example AccountNumbers ending in "02" were filtered and revenue/expense AccountNumbers were labelled "Roseland Branch" in Tag2. 

Please "Save" after labelling.

Below is how the Define Row Formats was setup using Tag2:

And this what the report looks like:

"Account Tools" is a dropdown menu.

A. Update Read Only Status (all accounts)

B. Recalculate Account Totals:

C. Zero Out Monthly Values:

D. Delete All Line Items:

) Search for the data that you wish to impact; 2) Please note that Advanced search is available; 3) Select the Accounts that you wish to impact. The Select All feature is available. 3) To delete only Monthly Values, select the "Zero Out Monthly Values" and the following Confirm message box will appear: Select "Yes", which will prompt an additional confirmation box as below. Please note the changes are permanent. Select "Yes" to continue. Below is an example of a Account Detail/Assumption tab before this process: And this is what the screen looks like after the process: 4) To delete all data on the Account Details/Assumption tab, select "Delete All Line Items". And the following Confirm message appears. Click on "Yes". And as the record deletion will be permanent, another Confirm box appears. Click "Yes". Below is an example of a Account Details/Assumption tab before the process: And this is what the screen looks like after the process: