The Search feature provides the ability to customize the data you wish to view. 

1) Make your selection from the dropdown menus.  Please note that fields that are designated with a "*" are required.

2) Then click on the search button.

Once the search is complete it is advisable to review the displayed data.

Common search criteria include:
a) CompanyDB;
b) BudgetID;
c) OrgUnit;
d) OrgUnit Rollup as defined in Manage OrgUnits
e) Object;

f) Object Rollup as defined in Manage Objects; and

g) Form/Report.

In order to create more screen space the "Search" criteria can be hidden by clicking on the below indicated upward pointing double arrow:

This is what is screen looks like when this selection is made:

To display the "Search" criteria, click on the downward pointing double arrows.