When the Lookup functionality is used and the data is copied over from the Data Shopping Cart to the Account Details/Assumptions screen it appears as below, namely, the Green box indicates that the data is the same as the source data.

The above data can now be edited. 

1) Please see below that $50 has been added to June; and

2) The change was saved.

Please note that the box remains "Green" even though the values have been changed.

In order to see whether Lookup values have been changed:

1) Highlighted the row you wish to check; and

2) Right click and select the "Refresh lookup syn status".

 Once these actions have been completed as per below, the "Green" box will change to a "Red" box to indicate that the values on the screen are different to the source Lookup values. (Please note this can take a little time as a lot of records are being searched).


The Monthly Summary - Lookup Sync Status can now be used to view the variance between the original Lookup values and the Actual values.