On this screen hourly employees/group of employees (as defined on the  Employee Roster) for a selected BudgetID:
1) are selected;

2) display position description/s and enter position type

3) Head-count is added for positions with more than one employee
4) assigned OrgUnit, straight-time ("ST") and overtime ("OT") Budget Account number/s;
5) assigned hourly pay rate (and increases);
6) A Budget Target can be assigned to the position;

7) assigned their ST and OT hours for the periods as defined on the Hourly or Eligibility Calendar; and

8) assigned their relevant employer salary expenses (as defined on the Payroll Expense Definitions).

Please review if necessary:

What is the Difference between Budgeting for Employees Using Payroll Assignments and Hourly Staffing

Search for the BudgetID etc for which you wish to budget.  Please note that once the payroll has been setup reports can be run with the other listed report criteria,

1) To add employees:

a) Select the Employee ID from the pull-down menu and then tab; or

b) Click the "Add All Employees" button.

Please note that employee to be available for selection must be designed as "Hourly" on the Employee Roster.

2) The Division, Department, Supervisor, and Job Title information is played here from the entries made on the Employee Roster.  Use the pull-down menu to select the position type.  Please note reports can be run the position type entry.

3) Enter the headcount if the position applies to more than one employee.  The Headcount is used to calculate the budget amount.  For example, 600 Total_ST_Hours * $15 BaseHourlyRate * 2 Headcount = $18,000.

4) From the pull-down menus select the OrgUnit, AccountNum (for straight time) and OT-AccountNum.  The OrgUnit defaults from the Employee Roster and can be changed here.  In order for the AccountNum to be available for selection they need to designated as "Payroll" on Manage Budget Accounts.

For a 3% increase in pay you need to enter the rate change as “3”

Can I Enter Payroll Increases as either a % or a $?

Can I Change the Number of Annual Payroll Hours Used in AnnualizedSalary calculation?