To review the Typical Balance (debit or credit) for an account go to the Export Budget to GP screen:

1) Select the CompanyDB and BudgetID you wish to review; and

2) Click on Search.

3) All accounts will display including the nature of the Typical Balance.

If a Typical Balance's nature is incorrect, it will need to be corrected in Great Plains Accounting (ERP) software.

Open the Account Maintenance window. (Financial >> Cards >> Financial >> Account) and change the Typical Balance as needed per the below screen.

Once the sign is correct in the ERP, go to Synchronize Chart of Accounts:

1) Select the CompanyDB;

2) Click the "Sync Review" button; and then

3) Click on the "Update Account Attributes Only' button.

Then go back to the Export Budget to ERP screen to review the changes for appropriateness.

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