When reporting in Dynamic Budgets it is expected that accounts with debit balances in Great Plains Accounting Software (ERP) will report as positive balances in Dynamic Budgets, and that accounts with credit balances in the ERP will reports as negative balances in Dynamic Budgets.

When you observe that an account reports as a negative balance in Dynamic Budgets but has a debit balance in the ERP (or visa versa) to update the direction of the balance in Dynamic Budgets:

  1. Navigate to the "Synchronize" screen and select the "Company DB" you wish to update;
  2. Click "Sync Review";
  3. Click "Update Account Attributes Only",  and then
  4. Rerun your report to see if the issue has been resolved.

If the account is still displaying incorrectly, please review the Account setup in the ERP:

  1. In the ERP/Account Maintenance, please check to see if the Typical Balance is set to DR or CR.  If it needs to be changed , please do so. 
  2. Then repeat steps 1. - 4. above.

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