Menu items can be:

  1. Visible to Users and Administrators;
  2. Hidden from Users but visible to Administrators; or
  3. Hidden from Users and Administrators.

The process to hide menus is completed on  App Config/Menu Editor on the Menu Editor tab.  Using the Expand/Collapse Row View functionality to find the menu item you wish to hide/unhide.  Then highlight the item.

Below the "Manage Capex" item was highlighted which in turn displays its "Editable" fields.

The visibility of menu items is controlled by selecting "True"  or "False"  from the dropdown menu for "_Visible" and "AdminOnly".  Once the selection has been made click "Save".

1.  For a menu item to be visible to Users and Administrators the settings should be:

2. For a Menu item to be hidden from Users but visible to Administrator the settings should be:

 3.  For a Menu item to be hidden from Users and Administrators the setting should be as follows.  Please note "AdminOnly" could be either "True" or " False".