ERP Accounts  include all segments of the account number.  Objects combine segments of the full account number.  Tags in Manage ERP Accounts can be used to group like segments together for reporting purposes on Define Row Formats.

For example, the full account number segments are: OrgUnit (???) + Natural Class (????) + Location (??). The Dynamics Budget structure combines the Natural Class and Location together to form the Object code (????-??). Therefore the Objects cannot be used to report on location.

Please see 1. in Manage ERP Accounts for a full explanation on how to use Tags to report on a segment code, such as the Location code.

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Dynamic Budgets can do side by side comparisons of a single budget account to the sum of multiple accounts grouped by either the Object code or the ObjectRollup code as specified in Manage Objects.  Please see Report Level - GL Code, Object or Object Rollup