In many cases, Budget Account Numbers are a subset of all available Great Plains Accounting Software "ERP" Accounts Numbers because not all ERP Accounts Numbers are required for budgeting and therefore do not need to be created.

When an ERP Account Number is synchronized to the Manage ERP Accounts list and its related Unlocked BudgetID, OrgUnit and Object has been set to IsBudgeted,  every time the Create Budget Accounts routine is done, the Account Number will be listed as available to be created as a Budget Account Number provided it has not been created previously.  

Therefore in order to not inadvertently create such a ERP Account Number as a Budget Account Number, it is helpful to identify them during the Create Budget Accounts routine and then deselect them.  This can be done by labelling the Account Number as "do not budget"  in "Tag1" on Manage ERP Accounts as below:

Then on the "Add Budget Accounts Preview" screen of Create Budget Accounts:

1. Select all the accounts

2. Filter on "do not budget" in the ERPAccount. META1 column as below.

The filtering will result in the display of only the "do not budget" accounts as below.

3. Deselect these AccountNum that are labelled "do not" budget";

4. Clear the Filter section.  Please note that the "do not budget" AccountNum are deselected and all other AccountNumber are selected;

5. Click "Create Accounts" and all the selected AccountNum will be created, while the deselected "do not budget" AccountNum will not be created.