The below chart shows the relationship between Great Plains Accounting ("ERP") software General Ledger ("GL") Chart of Accounts Numbers and Dynamic Budget's Budget Account Numbers. To enlarge the chart, "double-click" on it and it will open in a new window.

Account Numbers cannot be created in Dynamic Budgets. This is by design and acts as a control such that you will only budget to valid Account Numbers which were originally created in the ERP.

It is important that Dynamic Budgets ERP Account Number list is current and is therefore a mirror image of the GL Account Numbers in the ERP.  Maintaining a mirror image of ERP Account Numbers in Dynamic Budgets is a manual process and is managed through the Synchronize Chart of Account screen and its associated "Yellow Brick Road" wizard.

When Dynamic Budgets synchronizes the ERP GL Chart of Accounts Numbers (Synchronize Chart of Accounts) to Dynamic Budgets it isolates 2 building blocks (OrgUnit and Object) to help you quickly organize your Dynamic Budget Chart of Accounts Numbers (Manage Master Chart of Accounts).

This allows you to mark the building blocks to be available for Budgeting (IsBudgeted) and/or Reporting (InReports).   In our example, legacy OrgUnits were made available for reporting but not for budgeting by Add OrgUnits  but unselecting them for IsBudgeted.  Legacy OrgUnits that were neither needed for budgeting nor reporting were not added.   Then we ignored balance sheet and legacy Objects by unselecting them for IsBudgeted.

Dynamic Budgets relies upon the IsBudgeted flag of these building blocks to both minimize unwanted and maximize required Accounts Numbers been listed in the Create Budget Accounts window so unwanted Budget Accounts are not accidentally created. The objective is to only offer your users valid Budget Account Numbers and thereby prevent inadvertent use of discarded Accounts Numbers for budgeting.  Finally we only created those Account Numbers that are budgeted to in the Create Budget Accounts process.

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