Global Variables are setup to store statistical (nonfinancial and non-system based financial) data.  They are setup in Manage Global Variables.  Global Variables can be used in Row to Row Calculations on the Assumptions Sub-tab for a specified/linked Budget Account Number.  They can also use the Exclude Row Function.  Global Variables are populated to the Budget Account Number by Lookup.

It can be very helpful to setup statistical data as Global Variables when they are used in more than one calculation. For example, headcount could be used to calculate the cost per employee for stationary as well as telephone expenses.

When the Global Variable are updated and saved, it automatically recalculates all linked account totals in their respective Account Details Tabs.

Global Variables can be used is as a tool to update a block of data that is frequency going to change and that data is generated in another system.  The data would be copied from its data source and then Pasted into the required Global Variables.

To name just a few example, Global Variables can be setup as Inflationary Factors, Headcount, Patient Encounters, Home Game Counts, and  Mileage Reimbursement.

A. Health Care -Calculating Patient Encounter Revenue

This example could also be used as a template for calculating Customer Served, Conference Attendees and School Enrollee Revenue.

Lookup was used on row 1 to capture 2014 Actual Revenue.  Exclude Row Function and Row to Row Calculation was used.

On row 2 the historic 2013 ER Visits were Lookuped .  As below the 2013 ER was setup as a Global Variable using Row to Row Calculation and Exclude Row Function. 

On row 3 the Average Revenue per ER visit was calculated using Row on Row Calculations and Exclude Row Function.

On row 4 the Budgeted 2014 ER Visits were Lookuped.  As below the 2014 ER Vists were setup as a Global Variable using exclude Row Function and Row to Row Calculation.

On row 5 Expected ER Revenue based on number of Budgeted 2014 ER visits multiplied by Average ER per visit revenue was calculated using Row to Row Calculations.

Please note that the green squares indicated that the data source was Lookup.  Related articles are Refresh Lookup Syn Status and Budget Summary Lookup Sync Status.

B. Recruiting and Moving Costs Using Head-Count

On row 1 Average Recruiting and Moving Expense per employee was entered using the Exclude Row Function and Row to Row Calculations.

On row 2 the Budgeted FY15 Average New Hires per Month was Lookuped.  As below the Average New Hires per Month was setup as a Global Variable using Exclude Row Function and Row to Row Calculations.

On row 3 the Expected Recruiting and Moving Expenses were calculated using Row to Row Calculations.