Please contact Dynamic Budgets to assist with changing these setups.

Payroll increases can either be setup to be entered as a percentage or as an absolute dollar amount.  This option is managed on the App Config/Menu Editor/Payroll.  Enter 1 to set increases to a percentage or enter 0 to set increases to an absolute dollar amount. Then click


If you have already starting budgeting using one method, please be very careful when making this change.  All your saved work will be change from one to the other.  For example, if you budgeted a 2% salary increase this will change to a new per period base rate of $2.

As per the above the Payroll Assignments increase been set to percentage (setting = 1).  Using the below example, the base salary of $75,000 ($6,250 per base period; total of 12 base periods) is increased by 2% resulting in a new base salary of $76,500 ($6,375 per base period). 

The number of base periods in the budget year is defined in PR Assignments Calendar for the Payroll Assignment and the Hourly Staffing Calendar for the Hourly Staffing.  Also, for Hourly Staffing please see Can I Change the Number of Annual Payroll Hours Used in Calculations?

And below is an example of Payroll Assignments been set to an absolute dollar amount (setting = 0). 

In the below example, the base salary was $75,000, and a new absolute dollar rate of $6,400 per base rate was entered resulting in a new annualized salary of $76,800 ($6,400 * 12 base periods).