The functionality to change the sort order of a Menu Item is found in App Config/Menu Editor/Menu Editor tab.

  1. Click on the Menu Editor tab;
  2. Click on the Menu Item for which you wish to change the sort order and the Editable and ReadOnly fields for the Menu Item will appear to the right;
  3. The SortOrder is numerial with Menu Items with the lowest number appearing at the top of the Menu and those with the highest at the bottom.  Enter in the number that will result in the desired placement of the Menu Item.
    1. Numbering is unique and therefore each number can only be used once.
  4. Click "Save".  Please note you will be able to see the changes but other users will need to log-out and then back in to view changes.

Using the above SortOrder of 11 resulted in the following placement of the Menu Item:

And when the SortOrder was changed to 20:

The Menu Item placement changed as below: