If your revenues and expense are summing absolute values instead of netting out, there are 2 places to check 

Typical Fixes: (Assuming you wish to display and enter CR balance accounts (aka Revenues) as positive values)

  1. Check Define Row formats and make sure all rows, in all formats, have Native Total check marked
    This tells the application to roll up the sum of all native balances for your accounts.


Once corrected your report should look similar to the screenshot below:  

  • (Sub totals for Revenue (CR balance Groupings) will show as Positive Values
  • Sub totals for Expense (DR balance groupings) will show as Negative Values)


        2) If the Native Totals were already check marked in Define Row Formats, then the Company Settings for Revenue formatting may need to be adjusted

    • In System Management \ Manage Companies \ Segment Definitions tab
    • If Display Revenues As (and any other CR balance Accounts) is set to Negative, change the choice to Positive Values.
    • Click the Save Company only button
    • Be sure to Close and Reopen whichever Data Entry or Report screens you had open
    • and then re-perform your search and the subtotals should be corrected.