There are four budget data entry screens to choose from.

The  Basic Budget Entry screen was designed to provide a familiar 12 month entry format by budget account number for organizations who have used legacy software. Simple Spread Methods (for example, monthly, prior year, etc) are available on this screen.  Additional column information, such as prior year actuals, can be added to the right of the standard monthly display.

The Custom Budget Entry screen was designed for organizations who want a custom column layout but do not require spread methods.  The placement of column information is completely flexible - below are some possibilities:

  • Prior years, 12 months, variances;
  • 3 years: 12 months for year 1, 4 quarters for year 2 and single target for year 3;
  • Prior year, original budget, starting forecast total, annual target year 2, remaining 3 months of forecast.

The Budgeting Dashboard screen was designed for organizations that want to use status and workflow tracking and to encourage/require users to enter detailed line item assumptions by Budget Account through the Account Details Tab.

The Dimentional Budgeting offers similar functionality to the Budgeting Dashboard screen, with the ability to filter general ledger values by Dimension sets. For example:

  • Department (OrgUnit) 100 - filtered by Analytical Accounting (program x & activity y);
  • Department (OrgUnit) 100 - Sales Territory or Salesperson;
  • Department (OrgUnit) 100 - Vendor or Customer.

Below is a comparison of the functionalities of each option and that of the Account Details Tab.  (Please double-click the image to make larger).

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