The Microsoft Windows Corporate Directory stores User IDs and passwords. Dynamic Budgets can import in this Directory and use it for log-in purposes. The advantage is that users have a single User ID and password for both Windows and Dynamic Budgets.

If need be, please see What Options are There to Setup New Users? to review options besides using the Corporate Directory User ID and passwords to create new Users.

The above diagram shows the steps in order that are needed to create new users using the Windows Corporate Directory.

  1. Please see Import Active Directory Users.  This process adds the Windows Corporate Directory of User IDs and their passwords to Dynamic Budgets;
  2. Please see Map Users To Companies.  In order for the User IDs to display in Assign User Permissions they first need to be mapped to Company/s.
  3. Please see How Do I Setup a User Profile, Company and OrgUnit Permissions for a New User?  Please note that Company Permissions need to have been setup in 2. above.