A new user setup to use Dynamic Budget's security is created either on the Assign User Permissions or the Map Users to Companies.  Once the user is created the next step is to setup the new users security from afresh (How Do I Setup a User Profile, Company and OrgUnit Permissions for a New User?).

Users assigned the System Administrator role can create new users for all companies.  Users assigned either the Administrator-Unrestricted or the Administrator-Restricted role can create new users for the company/s they have access to.  Please see What Can the Different Roles Do To Set Security and What Menus Can Each Role See?

For additional ways to setup new users please see What Options are There to Setup New Users?

A. User is Created with Unique Dynamic Budgets UserID and Password

1. To create a new user click on the "Create New User" button and the following screen will appear when using the Assign User Permissions/User Profile Tab;

2.  Enter the new User's ID - please note UserIDs should be ONE word with no spaces;
3. From the drop down menu, please select the user's Role.  Please see the What Can the Different Roles Do To Set Security and What Menus Can Each Role See? and AutoSynch and Synch OrgUnit Permissions articles for explanations of the differences between the Roles;
4. From the drop down menu, please select the CompanyDB that you wish to give the User access to.  This access can be modified (for example assigning access to multiple companies) either on the Assign User Permissions/Company Permissions or Map Users to Companies;
5. Enter the users Password and reenter Password;
6. Enter User's first name;
7. Enter User's last name;
8. Enter User's email; and
9. Click the "Create New User" button. 

The newly created User's profile can be viewed in the Assign User Permissions/UserProfile tab as below:

B. User is Created Using Windows UserID and Dynamic Budgets Generated Password
Please follow the steps in A. above except:
I) The UserID must be the User's Windows ID including path;
II) Check the "Windows Account" box  and this automatically generates the Dynamic Budgets Password.

Please see What Options Are There To Setup New Users? for an overview and how to use Import Active Directory Users as an option to set up multiple Windows UserIDs and passwords at the same time.