The clone/duplication feature is found on the Assign User Permissions/User Profile tab.  Once the User is cloned please see, if necessary,  How Do I Setup a User Profile, Company and OrgUnit Permissions for a New User Or Edit An Existing User? to make any changes.

1. Highlight the User you wish to clone/duplicate by clicking anywhere in the row .  Their User Profile will appear to the right;

2. Enter the new User ID that you wish to clone/duplicate the security to.  In our example we are cloning/duplicating "user2" to "AClone".  Click the appropriate radio button for whether the new User will use Dynamic Budgets Security (therefore the password setup on this screen) or Windows UserID.  The Windows UserID must include the path.

3. Click the "Duplicate" button and the screen will refresh as below:

4. The cloned User ID is automatically selected for editing;

5. Please enter and reenter the User's password  but only If setup as an Application User;

6. Please enter the User's FirstName, Last Name and EMail;

7. Please click "Save User" to save the changes made in 5.and 6.

Please note that the Feature and Admin Menus Access for "AClone" is a clone of "user2". 

And User Permissions/OrgUnit Permissions are also cloned as below: