1) On the Payroll Assignments screen enter the position assignment as per usual.  Please see the Payroll Assignments for instructions.  The salary should be entered at an amount commensurate with that of a full-time employee.  In our example, the full time salary is $75,000.

2) Select the position that you wish to make less than full-time;

3) From the drop-down menu select the OrgUnit to which you wish to charge the position;

4) From the drop-down menu select the ActNum to which you wish to charge the position.  The ActNum needs to be designated as a "Payroll" ActNum.  Please see Payroll Checkbox and Payroll Projections Sub-tab for more information.

5) Enter the fraction of time the employee works.  1.0 equals full-time.  In our example, the employee is working 50% time therefore the fraction to be entered is 0.5.  Please note that Copy and Paste functionality is available.

6) Click "Save".

7) To review the results of the above selections click on the magnify glass for the required employee and the Payroll Projections Review pop-up screen will appear as below.  In our example, the position's full time salary was $75,000 and this employee was 50% time, therefore the employee's salary is 50% of $75,000 which is $37,500.  Please note that calculations that are dependant on the salary amount is based on the employee's time allocation  For example, FICA is calculation on $2,343.75 per month instead of $4,687.50 per month which is the full time monthly salary.