If you are moving the DynamicBudgets_App share folder to a new server, please ensure the following DynamicBudgets-App  Client folder access:      

1) Please ensure that the person who is to upgrade/patch the software has full control of the new DynamicBudgets-App folder; and   

2) Please ensure that the DynamicBudgets-App\SearchProfiles folder has (read/write/modify) access for all budget users.

(We store cached user search credentials in the xml files in that folder which the users need adequate access to create and update.)  

*In the example below we are working with a single Company Database (TWO)

If you are moving to a new SQL Server:

1.  Backup the DynamicBudgets database and restore to the new SQL server ; and

2.  There was likely a SQL user named [dynbud] that the program was using for a service level account authenticating the app with the sql server

3.   We will likely need you to delete the user from the individual database\security settings on:

a) DynamicBudgets

b) TWO
c) Dynamics  

4.   Create a new dynbud user (SQL authentication) on the new server.

      Do not enforce password expiration… and grant it the following User Mapping access rights:

a) DynamicBudgets -db_Owner

b) TWO  - db_datareader

c) Dynamics - db_datareader    

5.   On TWO please grant the dynbud user with R/W access to export the budgets up to GP use TWO grant select, insert, update, delete, references on GL00201 to [dynbud]    

Final Steps (Dynamic Budgets typically assists)

6.     Replace the License.licx with the new license with the new named sql server\instance

7.     Reveal sql login hidden pane, specify new server from new license options, enter new password for user dynbud

8.     System Management \ Manage Servers   - change name of SQL server , Test, Save

9.    Try running Reports \ Monthly Summary Accounts report to ensure we can report budgets, actuals, and drill down to actual transactions for month or ytd.

10.   After success log out, adjust config file and hide server connection info

11.   Try logging back in.