If both Great Plains Accounting Software and Dynamic Budgets are running slowing there might be an issue with the SQL server.  Please contact your IT departments to discuss.

However if you are noticing that only Dynamic Budgets is seems to be running slowly (for example, it takes 5 times more than usual to open a screen or run a report), we have a tool which might help.

1) From the dropdown menus select Tools/ Database Assistance / Optimize Database:

2) You will be promoted to enter the  password which is "OpenSesame#99" and then click "Go":

3) To optimize click the" Optimize Database" button ONCE:

4) After running this procedure, the database has to relearn how to run each type of report or query in the system.

To test the optimization run a Monthly Summary Accounts report or the Budgeting Dashboard, or Custom Reports and first search on one orgunit only to teach the system about this type of report.  Then run the same report for the entire company and you should see a vast speed improvement.

If you do not see substantially faster results please contact Dynamic Budgets support on 650-332-6650.