The following procedures might resolve the inability to log-in:

1) Right click on the Desktop icon:

And then select

Click "yes" if you get a message and then the regular log-in screen will appear.  Enter the Administrator ID and password and launch.  If the program runs, log-out and then try to log-in using your usual log-in credentials.  If you log-in successfully and issue has something to do with Microsoft User Access Controls (UAC) and you might need to do this procedure for all other computers having the same issue.

2) If the above does not solve the problem, right click again on the Desktop icon and then click on the Open File Location:

and the following screen will open:

 then right click on the blue file icon for DynamicBudgets.Windows.Client.exe.  and then select the Properties:

And the following will appear:

Is there a checkbox or button which says UNBLOCK?

If so then every file in this folder will need to unblocked.  If might be easier to install an updated version of the software and click the unblock once on the zip file.  Please see Upgrading Dynamic Budgets.

3) If the above two processes do not solve the program access problem and some PCs have access and others not, then compare the file location on the non-working PC to one that is working by right clicking on the Desktop icon, choose Open File Location.  Are the two machines pointed to the same location?  If not,  repoint the nonworking machine to the working location.

If the problem persists, please contact Dynamic Budget Support.