The Copy Bulk Assumptions is a one to many copy utility; it is used to copy specific line item/s into a mass number of accounts.  The data is copied into the Account Details screen found in Budgeting Dashboard, Basic Budget Entry, Custom Budget Entry, Custom Reports, Custom Reports with Line Item Details.

In our below example, we could populate all the depreciation accounts with the message " Don't worry about depreciation, Finance will add this in the 11th hour of the budgets".

(This functionality is not to be confused with the Import Budget Assumption screen which is used to perform a mass import of 1:1 information, each line is specifically imported to a particular budget account)

1. In the upper section, enter the data that you wish to copy to a set of accounts.

Data can be copied from Excel and pasted into this window.

2. In the light blue section enter the Search criteria to find the destination accounts and click Search.  Please note that Advanced search is available and has been opened in the below screen.
3. The destination account will be previewed in the lower grid and by default all will be selected. If you need to skip any accounts, uncheck the selected checkbox.  The Select/Deselect All functionality is available.
4. When your selection is final, click on the "Copy Assumptions" button to perform the mass copy.

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