Duplicate OrgUnit Assumptions is a flexible utility to allow you to duplicate either the line item details of entire Orgunits or certain Objects within Orgunits.

The data can be duplicated within the same company and budget or across companies and budgets.

(If you wish to duplicate all line items for all accounts in a budget it would be more efficient to use the Duplicate Budgets tool)

Sample Uses:

  • An Orgunit can serve as a template for all our other Orgunits, and we wish to copy all the formulas and line item details as a starting point for the other managers to work from in their respective Orgunits.
  • We would like to pre-populate next year's budget for one OrgUnit with the line item details from last year.

  1. Select the source data in the upper left section,  Firstly select CompanyDB, BudgetID and OrgUnit you would like to duplicate.  Then select from the Available Objects, the Objects you wish to duplicate.  If you with to duplicate the complete Orgunit, select all the Available Objects. Please see Using Right and Left Pointing Arrows to Select/Deselect article on more information on how to use the selection criteria;
  2. Specify the destination Company, Budget, and OrgUnit(s) to which you want to copy the data;
  3. Click Preview to review the data you are about to duplicate;and
  4. Once satisfied with your selection, click the Begin Duplicate Assumptions button.

Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, Autofit Columns, Copy, and Expand and Reduce Column Width functionalities are available.

The following "Right-Click" menu is available: