This Tool allows a current Snapshot of the Assumption Data to be taken.  Prior Snapshots can be showed and/or deleted.

A) To Take Snapshot Now

  1. From the dropdown menus select the CompanyDB and BudgetID for which you wish to take a Snapshot;
  2. Click the "Take Snapshot Now" button to take the snapshot and this will result in the Confirm message box;
  3. Click "Yes" to continue to take the snapshot, and the snapshot will be taken as below  

B) To Show Snapshots

  1. From the Dropdown menu select the CompanyDB and BudgetID you wish to review.  From the "From" and "To" date fields select or enter the required date/s.
  2. Click the "Show Snapshots" button and the data will show as below.

C) To Delete Snapshots

Follow the procedure to B) above to "Show Snapshots" you wish to delete.

  1. One the data you wish to delete is displayed, click the "Delete Snapshots" button and the Confirm message will appear;
  2. Click "Yes" to delete the Snapshot.