The column format of the Basic Budget Entry/Dashboard screen is defined here.  The process to setup these columns is discussed in the Column Formats article.

Unique to defining the Basic Budget Entry form is that the first 18 columns are pre-defined and cannot be deleted.

Column 1 - AccountNum;

Column 2 - AccountDescr;

Column  3 - SpreadAmount;

Column 4 - SpreadMethod;

Column 5 - 17  - the Budget (as defined in the "Primary BudgetID for Account List" per the below outlined red box) for Period 00 (Begin Bal) through Period 12 (of your Fiscal Year); and

Column 18 - is the total of Columns 5 - 17.

Starting with Columns 19 and on, these are the Columns that will display when a Form is selected from the pulldown Form menu on the Basic Budget Entry/Dashboard screen, provided the Form is "Enabled" as per above.

Information can be selected for the Form that can assist with budgeting by, for example, listing prior year information for comparative purposes.

In the below example, the Form "Test FY17 Basic Budget Entry" was setup with:

1) In column 19, YTD FY 14 Actuals; and

2) In column 20, YTD FY 15 Budget.

And this is how the Basic Budget Entry screen looks when  "Test FY17 Basic Budget Entry" form is selected: