Users can access Dynamic Budgets with their Windows User ID and password. The best way to do so is to import the Windows User ID/s and password/s into Dynamic Budgets from the Windows Active Directory using this screen. But before any import can occur the Active Directory Connection needs to be setup between the Windows server and Dynamic Budgets. Please see below Manage Active Directory Connections Tab.

Please see What Options Are There To Setup New Users? for an overall explanation of ways to create new users. 

Windows Users should be setup with access to the DynamicBudgets-App folder on the network.  This includes both

Read-Execute permission on the DynamicBudgets-App folder and Read-Write-Modify permission on the DynamicBudgets-App/SearchProfiles folder.

Import Active Directory Users Tab

1. Select the Active Directory Server from the drop down menu;

2. Search for the user you wish to add.  Filter functionality can be used to type in a partial first or last name;

3. Checkmark the selected user/s and click "Import Selected Users".

The next step in the User setup is to provide the User with CompanyDB access on Map Users to Companies.

Manage Active Directory Connections Tab

In order to search for and import Active Directory Users, the Active Directory Connection needs to be setup.

4. Enter the Domain name which is "Domain";

5. The LDAP connection string needs to be entered here. It should be in a form similar to the following LDAP://dc=ihaonline,dc=org.

6. Click the “Add AD Connection” button.

Please go back to the Import Active Directory Users Tab and click search. It will either return results if it is happy and if not, a new version of an LDAP connection string will need to be entered in 5. above.

Please see related article: Error Fetching User Records From Active Directory - A Referral was Returned from the Server.