When a group of employees are to be assigned the same or very similar security settings it can be efficient  to setup a template User and clone/duplicate the template to these employees.  This screen is a tool to clone/duplicate a template to multiple Users.

The process to setup a template is the same as setting up a regular User.  Please see What Options Are There To Setup New Users? for further information on creating new Users.  Once the new Template User is created, please see How Do I Setup a User Profile, Company and OrgUnit Permissions for a New User Or Edit An Existing User? to setup the security for the template.


1. Select the Template User you wish to clone/duplicate by clicking in the UserID cell as indicated.  This will update the information highlighted in yellow to the far left.  The security permissions for the Template User can be previewed as highlighted in yellow.  Use the scroll bar to access additional information.

2. Enter the UserID/s that you wish clone/duplicate the Template User to.  Please note UserIDs should not include a space;

3. Enter the FirstName of the new User;

4. Enter the LastName of the new User;

5. Enter the Email of the new USer;

6. Enter the UserID that you wish to clone/duplicate.  In our example G&ATemplate;

7. Click "CreateUsers" and the following message will appear:

8. Click "Yes" to continue to create the new Users, and the following message will appear:

9. Click "OK" to exist the screen.

By navigating to Assign User Permissions, please note that the two new Users in our example were created and that their security settings are the same as that of the template.