Step By Step Tutorial - Payroll Employees Roster


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Purpose: In this form, you will enter your employee roster for each company.

Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, Autofit Columns, Filter, Copy and Paste, and Attachments functionality is available. 

The following "Right-Click" Menu and Short-Cut Keys:

Employees must first be entered in the roster before they can be found in the EmployeeID drop down selections in Payroll Assignments. If changes are made in the employee roster, you will need to close and re-open the Payroll Assignments window to refresh the EmployeeID drop down selections.


It is advisable to work with your Human Resources/Payroll staff to prepare spreadsheets with the following information to be copied and pasted into this screen and the Payroll Assignments screen.

The following fields are available on this screen:

1.*Home Company (required),

2. *EmployeeID (required). The system does not permit duplicate Employee IDs.

3.*First name (required)

4. Middle Name

5. Last Name

6.*Home Department (OrgUnit) (required)

7. Division

8. Department

9. Job Title

10. Supervisor

11. There are 5 user definable fields are available.  If required the spreadsheet could include a column for each field.

The following unique fields are available on the Payroll Assignments screen:

a.. Salary GL code

b. Annual Salary amount

c. Salary  Rate #1 change information (Amount or Percent  - please see Can I Enter Payroll Increases as a % or as a $ on Payroll Assignments and Hourly Staffing?)

d. The period the salary rate #1 change is effective

e. Salary Rate #2 change information

f. The period the salary rate #2 change is effective

8. FTE Allocation is used when: •Employee is split between multiple departments •Employed at less than 100% FTE •A position with a headcount greater than 1 is specified rather than an individual employee •Start Date or Term Date falls within the budgeted fiscal year Additional information can be stored in this table such as (Job title, supervisor, five user definable fields, etc.) Please note that each data field has a maximum character limitation as denoted with the bracketed number next to the column header.

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