Users can define how to spread the budget for each line item over the year.

1) Search on the required CompanyDB, and Budget ID that you wish to add a user defined spread method;

2) Click on the "Manage Budget Spread Metholds" tab;

3) Enter the SortOrder; that is, where on the pull down list you would like to this option to appear.  It is suggested that regularly used methods appear at the top of the sort order;

4) Name the spread method - in this example, "July Event";

5) Check the "Active' box to make the spread method available for use;

6) Enter by month the percentage of the total expense you would like allocated to that month.  In this example, 25% (entered as 0.25) of the expense is to spread to June;

7) Please note that the total of spread percentages  from January to December needs to equal 1; therefore 100% of the expense is being allocated;

8) Save the Spread Method.

To see how what was set up on the Manage Budget Spread Methods tab:

9) Ensure that your search criteria is appropriate;

10) Click on the "What Users See in the SpreadMethod combobox" tab, and the view will appear as above;

11) Please note that the Spread Method added above is displayed on the third line which corresponds to the "SortOrder" of 3.