Please note the below is for your information.  Please contact Dynamic Budgets to discuss changes to the App Config/Menu Editor. This area is password protected.

Please note that "Save" will refresh the display in the tabs and your view (current user), but other users will need to log-out and then log back in to view the changes.

A. Application Configuration Tab

Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, Autosize Columns, Expand/Reduce Column Width, Filter, and Expand/Collapse Row View.

The following Right-Click Menu and Short-Cut Keys are availalble:

The Application Configuration settings are set to default settings upon install.  Settings can be customized.

Setting are organized into groups which either relate to specific screens settings or to general settings for the overall program. 

After changing a Configuration, please click the

 button to save.

1. Active Users

These settings apply to system-wide functionality.

2. Assumptions

These settings relate to the functionality and display on Assumptions Sub-Tab

3. Audit Trial

These settings determine which data fields are available to audit on View Data Audit Trial.

4. Budget Reallocation

These settings determine which budget reallocation methodology is enabled and which users have security permission to reallocate.  Please see Budget Reallocation - View Budget Reallocation.

5. Budget Summary

This controls which tabs are displayed on the Budget Summary.

6. Budget Summary FY History

7. Budget Summary - Lookup

This determines whether data is displayed in Lookup and the order of the tabs.  To not display data, enter - 1.  To display data enter a number of 1 or greater.  Data tabs assigned with number "1" will appear in the far left tab of the Lookup screen and data assigned with the largest number will appear at the far right.   Please see below how data tabs with the following setup displays.

A unique ordering number should be assigned to each tab.  Therefore two tabs should not have the same number.

8. Budgeting Dashboard

9. Database

These are standard setups.

10.Employee Roster

Please see Can I Customize Meta Tags on Employee Roster? and Employee Roster.

11. Export to ERP

Below are the standard settings.  These settings impact the Export Budget to GP and Restore Budget Snapshot to ERP processes.

12. External

13. General

14. Manage Capex

These setting impact the Manage Capex functionality.

15. 16. and 17 Manage ERP Accounts/Objects/OrgUnits

Please see How Do I Customize Tag Titles?

18. Payroll

Please see Can I Enter Payroll Increases as a % or a $ on Payroll Assignment and Hourly Staffing?

Also, see Can I Change The Number of Annualized Payroll Hours Used in Calculations?

19. Project Budget Entry - User Access - Edit

20. Project Budget Entry - User Access - Visibility

21. Spread Annual Budget

22. Web Client

B. Menu Editor Tab

1. Click on the Menu Editor tab;

2. Click on the Menu Item you wish to edit;

3. Please see How Do I Hide/Unhide Menu Items?

4. Please see Can I Customize the Title of a Menu Item?

5. Please see Can I Move Menu Items to Another Menu Header?

6. Please see Can I Change the Sort Order of a Menu Item?

7.  Please "Save" after making any changes.  Please note you will be able to view the changes however other users will need to log-out and then back in to see the changes.

C. Project Budget Entry Tab