Users can be setup in the following ways:

A. The Microsoft Windows Corporate Directory stores User IDs and passwords.  Dynamic Budgets can import in this Directory and use it for log-in purposes.  The advantage is that users have a single User ID and password for both Windows and Dynamic Budgets.

1. To log-in using Windows log-in, check the  "Use My Windows Login" box; and

2. Then click the "Login" box.

B. User IDs and passwords can be setup in Dynamic Budgets.  While users may have an additional User ID and password to remember and Administrators will have an additional set of User IDs and passwords to maintain, the advantage could be that this provides an extra level of security.

i. To create a single user, please see How Do I Create a New User Using Dynamic Budgets Security?

ii. Dynamic Budgets can be setup with a template User Profile which can be cloned to multiple users.  For example, a General and Administrative (G & A) template could be setup and cloned.  Please see Import Custom Users for information on how to do so.

iii.  A new User can be given the cloned security of an existing User.  Please see How Do I Clone/Duplicate an Existing User's Profile, Company and OrgUnit Permissions to a New User?

3. To log-in using Dynamic Budget Security, enter the Dynamic Budget's UserID;

4. Enter the Dynamic Budget's Password;

5. Click "Login".