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Custom Budget Entry forms can be designed with user-only specified data columns.  For example, prior year budgets and/or actuals.

The process to setup these columns is discussed in the Column Formats article.

These Forms are displayed using the Custom Budget Entry screen.

As discussed in the Column Format article unique to this screen is the ability to create a column for budget entry.  In order for a budget to available it must be setup in Manage Budgets and associated budget accounts need to be setup as well.

Data Entry columns when setup defaults to "Month" and in the below example December was selected as the Fiscal Period (see column 6).  This mean that data entered on the Dashboard tab on the Custom Budget Entry will default to the month of December on the Account Details tab.  Data that is entered in other months will therefore not be reflected in the December data entry column on the Dashboard tab.

It is recommended that an additional Year-to-Date column is setup to reflect the data entered for all months (see column 7 below).

Another design consideration is to setup a multiple Data Entry columns.  For example, not only for December as in our example, but also for say, March, June, September and December.

Below is our example of the "Define Budgets Forms (Custom Budget Entry)":

And below is how this Form appears on the Custom Budget Entry screen.  Please note that there is a $500 difference between the two columns.  And as per the Account Details tab below, it can be seen that $500 was entered in January, and that the December total on the Account Details tab equal the amount on the Dashboard tab, namely, $1,005,000.

An existing form can be updated by updating the variables and/or deleting rows:

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