Step by Step Tutorial - Map Users to Companies


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This is the second step in setting up new users that will use the Windows Corporate Directory's User IDs and passwords to log-in.  Users are provided access to CompanyDB and can be set-up for AutoSync.  Please see How Do I Create New User/s Using the Windows Corporate Directory?

Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, Autosize Columns, Filter, Expand/Reduce Column Width, and Select/Deselect All functionalities are available.

The following Right-Click Menu and Short-Cut Keys are available:

1. From the drop down menu search for the Company DB that you wish to give the user permission to access.  Include other search criteria as needed and click "Search".

Once the search is complete Company Tag1 - 5 as highlighted in yellow become available as additional search fields. Please contact Dynamic Budgets before making any changes to these sensitive Company Tag fields which are defined in  Bulk Company Management.

2. To give the user access to a CompanyDB check the "ACCESS" box.  Please note the name of the CompanyDB is listed in the CompanyDB column;

3. To give a user access to the "AUTOSYNC" function for the CompanyDB check this box.   Please see AutoSynch and Synch OrgUnit Permissions for a full explanation of this functionality.

The "ACCESS" box needs to be checked in order for the "AUTOSYNC" functionality to be turned on for a CompanyDB.

4.  To save, click "Save User Companies".

5. A new user can be created on this screen.  To do so click the

 button and the following screen will appear:

6. a. Enter the new UserID.  Please note spaces should not be used in the name;

b. Check the Windows Account box if using Windows security to log-in.  This will automatically complete d. below.  Please note that the UserID needs to be the same as the User's Window's UserID and must include the path.

c. From the drop down menu select the appropriate Role for the user.  The default is Application User.  Please see What Can the Different Roles Do To Set Security and What Menus Can Each Role See? for information about roles.

d. Enter the Dynamic Budgets User password;

e. Enter First Name;

f. Enter Last Name;

g Enter Email address; and

h. Click "Create New User".  The screen will refresh as below with the new user and ACCESS and AUTOSYNC can be provided to the new user as needed.

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