Step by Step Tutorial-How to Change an Hourly Pay Cycle


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Purpose: This screen is used to define the Payroll Pay Periods for the Hourly Staffing data entry screen and for supporting the Eligible Date field in Payroll Assignments.

Please be sure to check the "Enabled" box on each line.  The amount is budgeted to the selected "Fiscal Period".  In the example Fiscal Period 1 is January and therefore Period Number 2 ending on 1/28/14 and paid on 2/4/14 will be budgeted to January.

Tip - the page supports copying from Excel and a calendar can be setup there.

Technical Note:

We must fill out this calendar to support customers who wish to use the Eligible Dates in Payroll Assignments

They must at least define a 12 month calendar and can do so by running the following SQL query to jump start the effort

Select * from {CompanyDB}.dbo.sy40100 where series=0 and Year1=@Year

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